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Standalone Monitors

Good Afternoon

In Africa we face several challenges, irregular power supply, frequent power outages, lack of access to internet, low computer skills and many others.

Does anyone know if it would be possible to configure a standalone Nettigo Air Monitor (KIT 0.3.3 PRO soldered) unit?

Assembled with off-the-shelf components maybe as follows:

1 x Nettigo Air Monitor (KIT 0.3.3 PRO soldered)

1 x Solar Panels

1 x 4/5G WiFi Router

1 x 24 hour backup battery

And any other components to make the unit standalone.

All suggestions welcome.



In this forum there are explanations about Solar power supply. Please read attentively because or is not that simple: Solar powered NodeMCU & SDS011 dust sensor – Georgi's blog

We should book an Interview in 2022 because It Seems you have Quote a lot of questions …

Thanks again PJ

The article was very useful and gives me hope.

Fortunately the sun light problem is not one of our problems :smile:

With a monthly average of at 200 hours of sunshine per month.



I think that would be very beneficial

Thanks PJ