sps30 no values from the last 24 hours


I have two AQM’s one with a Plantower PMS7003 and BME280 sensor, the other with a Sensirion SPS30 and BME280.
Both AQM’s send the data to the sensor community, all data is displayed correctly under the individual sensors, all sensors also appear on the map.

The PMS7003 sensor displays the data in the Grafana dashboard.
But the SPS30 does not show any PM data in the Grafana dashboard. The temperature, humidity and air pressure of the BME280 sensor are displayed.

What could be the reason that no data from the SPS30 is displayed in the dashboard?


Can you send me the chipID as DM? Then I can take a look at this.
Please also check the sensor internal settings for this systems. Are the right sensors selected?