SPS30 does not work

Hello. I am trying to set up an Air Quality Monitoring System with an NodeEMCU v3 - esp8266, an BME280 and a Sensirion SPS30.
I flashed the firmware 0.3.2 with the airRohr-Flashing Tool onto the Node and connectet it with my WiFi. After that i connected the BME280 like it is shown in the instructions from the sensor.community webpage.
I also connected the Sensirion SPS30 with the help of a JST ZH connector from “berrybase” like the way the SDS011 is connected, but i didn’t connect the Pin 4 “SEL” from the SPS30 sensor. My Powersupply is the official Rasperry Pi Poweradapter.

After plugging in the system i can see the BME280 is working fine, but i don’t get any data from the SPS30. In the errorbox in the software it shows:
“OTA Return_200”
“Sensirion SPS30_0”

I didn’t find any solution in the forum. Could someone help me with my problem? Maybe I connected something wrong? Unfortunately I don’t know what to do with the error “0”.

SPS30 is I2C not UART.
Please check here:

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I use IIC and connect Pin4 to GND

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Many many thanks! Now I get values from the SPS30 sensor. I guess I still need to connect the BME280 via pins D3 and D4 as well, as instructed, or is there a way without soldering the wires together?

There is no way. You have to solder or imagine a system with further pins on a small board.

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Agree, best is solder, for temporary or when I can not solder, I use sometimes “Heat Shrink Butt Crimp/Ali”

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Ok, then I’ll solder it together, it just has to work and doesn’t have to win a beauty contest. Thank you very much for the quick help!