Software support for BME680

Can we expect support for BME680 sensor anytime soon?


The BME680 doesn’t have any additional usable feature compared to the BME280. The VOC measurements are uncalibrated and not comparable between two Sensors in different locations.

Yet BME680 is internal sensor and its life time is quite low. Yet the sensor is quite expensive for mass installation :frowning:

So the answer is NO the sensor BME680 will not be supported by Sensor.Community do to the mentioned above problems. The only chance for it to be supported if someone will demonstrate compatible valuable measurements taken from different locations.

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Unfortunately, that’s true. Also there is no open source AQI algorithm available for BME680. Bosch Sensortec provided binary blob for that. There are some home made implementations but without extensive testing and comparing with official AQI from Bosch, they are just assumptions not real science tool. From my perspective BME680 is a dead end. Sorry.