Smoke detector of fire

What if there’s… an another sensor connnected, a smoke sensor with different threshold…
with more than two, three or four detections from different stations, the result could be a sort of smoke fire detection network… I’m thinking above all of crops, forests, perhaps even cities

such a map would not be meaningful for a single sensor, but for a group of nearby sensors …
what do you think? foolish?

(I haven’t slept for over 36 hours, I’m daydreaming, be patient…)

Hi, Our new kitchen extension is open plan onto the downstairs hall and staircase. So we’ve fitted linked alarms in kitchen (heat), hall (smoke) and landing (smoke), and fitted egress window hinges to all bedrooms. Building control now want a linked smoke alarm fitted in the master bedroom, along with a fire door, because the master bedroom has an ensuite bathroom.

I don’t understand the need for a bedroom fire door and bedroom linked smoke alarm just because the bedroom has an ensuite.

perhaps not all the house is registered in the same way in the official land registry. it’s the only thing I can think of to ask for a fire door to be added