Sensor stopped working - what next?

Hi guys, I am not very tech savvy but a couple of years ago I set a luftdaten sensor up. It was working fine until recently. Some time ago it stopped sending data at all.
I connected it to a new charger and the SDS011 sensor seems to be the problem. After I turn it on, the red LED blinks a couple of times and one can hear the fan whining, but it all stops after a minute or so and no data is sent to the sensor network it was published on.

Can you please guide me as to how to fix it? Should I clean the fan?
I know I should provide the logs but I don’t really know how to do it.

It is normal that the sensor stops if it is configured well.
Did you choose the right sensors, did you register the station ?

Please read the official instructions attentively. Everything is explained.