Sensor Registration

I got a sensor already registered notice for a sensor that I just installed. I had problems trying to register it because I had text in the number relative to street identifier. I think this is why the error occurred. The sensor identification is 13999536. Can someone reset the listing so I can register this sensor. Cheers

Where does the sensor come from ?
Are you part of the Respire project or the CPIE in France ?

Do you know who registered the sensor first ? It can be transfered

Hey Pierre-Jean,
Thanks for your reply.I bought the sensor and chip from Alibaba. I do not think it was previously registered. I think that there was a error made by the registration software, because I kept trying to register it with text data in the numerical data field related to location. I’ve installed over 200 air monitors and have not had this specific problem.

Hey Pierre-Jean et al,
Can you reset the registration for 13999536 which is not a duplicate so that I can properly register it? Thanks in advance.

@ricki-z ? Can you check? Is it an hardware duplicate ?
Actually no:
Screen Shot 2023-07-21 at 05.54.44

The sensor started on the 13.07.23…

A device with chipID 13999536 was registered in May 2022 by an Australian community project.

Thanks for your assistance. It was logged in and later taken away by a Community Environmental Monitoring group member and placed in with the good monitors. My mistake, but massive thanks for assisting.