Sensor reboot every day?

Sometimes I lose one of the sensors disappears from the map.

I can’t reach it remotely, I have the power cut off for a moment and everything returns online on the map. Previously this only happened to an airRohr, now even a NAM-pro has the same problem twice in another wifi network.

I am considering automating a reboot every day … what do you think?

Range of the antenna or as usual power supply < 1.5 A.

wifi range is already excellent. I will check the actual power performance or I will replace it again with a 3A one. In fact, I can also shorten the cable.
You’re right, we really can’t take anything for granted

I think it might be useful to set a short daily shutdown anyway, so as to ensure a reboot that fixes everything when I’m not there…
what do you think?

The 3 sensors of mine at home work for months/years without any need for reboot. There is a problem in your setup. What kind of router do you have ? Is there a guest network which can cause interferences (I have seen this) ? Is the WPS option still on ?

I have a huawei B2322 with wireless connection by active antenna. There’re not guest network and 2.4Ghz wifi is active only (5Ghz inactive)
I have never activated the wps option