Sensor not active

For days now i waiting for a reply to get my sensor re-activated.
After moving to a new hou se i would like to re-activate my sensor 44076 (6679684).
I did sent emails ti, and I did not recieve a reaction. Can someone please re-activate miy sensor. Many thanks. Peter

Good morning,
Maybe it is because of the holidays and actually SC is no company.
I don’t understand what you mean with «reactivate». Have you checked the « inactiv » checkbox in ? You should have an account at Change your address and the coordinates there. Then read the instructions attentively on the main site you have to change the wifi credential in the sensor. For now the sensor should produce its own Network airrohr-xxxxxx. It will then connect to the Network you configured.

Hi there Pierre Jean

The sensor is working and sending data to Madavi.
The only problem i have is that there is no sensor visable in
I think, because it was offline for some time, it is set to inactive. Hopefully someons can set it back to online. Thank you

Who registered your sensor ? Ist should be in your acount

I did it myself. But due to moving to another place the sensor was offline for more than a year.
Ik got some email that the sensor was offline.
In the last sentence of the email the team from said:

Please notify me shortly, if this sensor was taken off duty. Then we
deactivate it and you don’t get any more notifications.

So i think it was taken off duty but inwant it back online.

So if you registered the Sensor it should be in your account

Can you send me the email? And the address or was sent in a DM here ?

I don t think the Sensor can be erased in devices…

Ok or is the normal message. You can t See ist in your account with the same email address?

@Waverider020 hello, the sensor should now be listed in your account again.