Sensor missing from acount

Hi, I have been using two sensors for two years now. All was fine until I needed to add another senseor when I noticed that old one missing from acount. The missing one is happy working, but I don’t remeber handing it down to anyone. Can this be checked? Thanks!

Can you give me the SensorID and the BoardID ?
@ricki-z will then check.

Thanks for a quick answer. The one that I still own is #59458 32135 esp8266-13601776. The missing one is on remote location so right now I only have the map id #57225, these days I will bring him home.

I got the one id 7964558 via teamviewer, the other when I go to location.

@ricki-z can you take a look?

@kurjak the chipID 7964558 was registered by a person with the family name Pantic (I think so …).

Was it transfered? Can you see the transfer history? Because it was mine, and I did not transfer it to anybody.

I can’t see a transfer history. But the last modification to this registration was done in March 2022. The registration itself was created February 2021.
Could you check that the chipID is correct?

I’m pretty sure that’s the id :slight_smile:
I registered sensor in February 2021, and that guy Panic has actualy assembled sensors (as part of donation), how can he take over the sensor? How the h this happened?

Hi @kurjak , I’ve moved the registration to your account.

Thanks! any hint how this happened?

I don’t really know what happened exactly.
We have some groups where a few people build the sensor and make complete registration for the future owners (if the don’t want or are unable to do that by themself). These are normally groups with only a few people that are able to build and install the sensors, but many people that want to host a sensor.
This is only one possible scenario.

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