Sensor Flow Rates

Hi there does anyone know what the air sampling flow rate is of all of the different sensor modules?. We have not been able to easily find this information especially for the SDS011.

A german institute has tested the SDS011. And they also measured the air sampling flow rate. The document can be found at file:///Users/nrz/Downloads/90536-Ein_Vergleich_mit_einem_eignungsgepr%C3%BCften_Feinstaubanalysator.pdf . The flow rates for different tube length can be found in table 3.1 on page 13 (15th page of the pdf).

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Thank you very much for your reply and the information file link. Unfortunately we can’t access your link. Do yo have a url we can link to or a search term use to find the pdf please?

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Please try this link:

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Yes thank you very much. That link works and provides the data we ask for.
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