Sensor data quality for dummies

Hi - We are setting up a network of low cost air quality sensors in Cali, Colombia. Our pilot comprises 14 sensirion30 and we are collaborating closely with the official sensors of the local government.

Am a newbie to this area, and want to get started on calibration and QA/QC. Does anyone know of cheatsheets, FAQ’s, a framework or best practices when it comes to evaluating the data reported from the low cost sensors? The objective here is to ensure that that the data is usable to identify pollution hotspots and for educational purposes.


Sharing what I find to answer my own question:
The EPA offer this methodology to evaluate sensor data, including an excel macro. From what I can see it’s a question of inputting the sensor and reference (official sensors) data and the macro produces M and R2 values. And the links below guide us on how to interpret the data.


More instructions: Y=mX + b and How Straight Is Your Line? - YouTube

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Maybe this is useful:

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