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Sensor data not on my server

In the particulate matter configuration you can indicate in the API where you can send your own data.

The crazy thing is if I do this via Antagonist, the data does not arrive on my own web server, but if I test via another hosting, the data does arrive from the particulate matter.

The data is in Sensor data, but if it is on your own web server, this is easier.

Anatagonist himself says that it disabled TLS 1.1, could this be due to this ???

Grafana works well: Grafana

Piet Manders

Hello, could you give more information please on what is Antagonist and if possible step-by step what you to and what you want to be done?

I give in the configuratie in the api my serveradres.
Then the data of the particulate matter is going to my serveradres.
Normally is works good but not by Antagonist.
Antagonist is a webhoster in the Netherlands.

If i choose for another webhoster then it works good.
Maybe works Anagonist with tls 1.2 and Sensordata with tls 1.1 and then it is not working…

Hello @mandersp,
the firmware is supporting TLS 1.2. But with the limited cpu and memory we needed to limit the supported ciphers to the following:

All others would either use too much RAM or would need nearly a minute for the handshake. This would cause timeouts of the HTTP requests.

You can test your server i.e. here:
Look for the section “Cipher suites”.

I hope, its ok to put my question here, but it seems to be a similar problem.

I also have problems to get data from the sensor to a server at my provider.

Having made a test with the mentioned ssltest at I found out that the supported
Ciper suites are:

TLS 1.3


TLS 1.2


So, it seems that there is no match between the cipher suites of the firmware and the ones
on the server of my provider.

Or, are there further cipher suites, the firmware supports?

The available RAM of the NodeMCU limits the available cipher suites to the following: