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I’ve just finished designing and printing an outer case, as I couldn’t find a suitable model.
I voluntarily left aside the NodeMCU ESP8266 which will remain warm and will be connected to the external box via a RJ-45 cable.
The air inlets and outlets can be protected by a screen to be glued in the provided places, which are removable to facilitate the cleaning.
This is what it looks like:

the DS011 Fine dust sensor is inserted on the left,
the BME280 6-PIN is positioned at the bottom right.
What do you think?

Do you plan to publish the files ? We could add a category “Custom box”.

If I am not wrong, position of SDS011 is wrong. Please refer to SDS011 datasheet for correct placement.

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Hello irukard,
Yes, sadely I made a mistake, I’ll correct it and come back with a new version.
This will be the third try…

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Hello pjg,
Yes, I’ll put the new version directly with the right orientation

Hello to all,
Here is the new version, with less parts to print.
There are two shrinkages on the inside of the cover, one on the left and the other on the right, so that a mosquito net can be glued on.
The main Rj45 cable now comes from the bottom of the box.
All that’s left to do is print it out now. :slight_smile:

Here is the STL files :

Maybe use the phrase “enclosure designs”

Regarding the SDS011, I too went out of my way to have the inlet fan on the bottom as the product spec sheet mentions “GRAVITY”. So my designs did that but it may not matter. The question is if it shortens the life of the air sensor, which average 8000 hours. Many commercial systems (clarify in the US) put the SDS011 on its side.

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First of all congratulations with this beautiful design.
I would like to build on it for I have first designed and printed a mounting plate which I can then put in a casing.

May I ask to publish also the 3D design and 3MF files in addition to the STL files ?
3MF is to be preferred over stl as it gives better results in (at least) prusaslicer.

Can you repost the link or put the design in Github ? The link is currently broken.

Here is the last design I made.

I just created a thingverse account and upload the STL files.
Wait 24h until it will be online.

Thanks aslaets,
Sorry but I use Freecad and 3mf is not available on it.
Would you be interested in the freecad files?

Yes the design files are very welcome.

Hello aslaets,
Here is the files.
Freecad files download link