SDS011 vs PMS5003 vs PMSA003I

Hi there,

I have two devices running one with the older 5003 which is connected to here and another with the newer A003 both sensors are in the same enclosure and give consistent data within 1ug. In the locality there are quite a few SDS011 sensors all of which are also consistent to within 1ug however the SDS011 are always substantially lower than my 5003 and A003 it can be that the SDS is reading 11ug while mine are reading 20ug. There doesn’t seem to be a real reason why all of them should be reading lower. I tried different enclosures and also no enclosure all in the same orientation and place. I am more inclined to “trust” my sensors because the increase in particulates anecdotally corresponds with increase in hay fever symptoms with my kids and the ads sensors do seem not to fluctuate hardly at all. Does anyone have any insights? All sensors are tagged as outdoor sensors. I am a little closer to the main road but the discrepancy is also present for example this morning (Sunday) with virtually no traffic. Thanks in advance!