SDS011 unexplainable peaks

Hi guys,

I have the sensor community sensor running for a couple of months now and everything worked fine. Starting a couple of days ago I am getting peaks with measurements at the limit (999.9 for PM2.5 and 1999.9 for PM10) for some minutes (5-10) once a day (varying times during the night). The sensor is mounted on my terrace and in theory accessible, so I cannot exclude that someone is tempering with the sensor and e.g. blowing cigarette smoke in it (don’t know if this could actually cause such high values). Any ideas, whether this could be a technical issue?

Thanks and best wishes,

Yes. It can be someone with a cigarette but I would say it is a bug in the serial transmission between the SDS and the ESP8266 which caused a byte shift and produce such a value. I have already seen this. Check if it happens again and regularly.

Thanks for the reply! If it continues to happen I’ll try to derive a pattern. Cheers!