SDS011 Sensor shows values which are way too high


My PM2.5 and PM10 sensor is giving me unreasonably high values:
|SDS011 | PM2.5 | 829.9 µg/m³|
|SDS011 | PM10 | 885.5 µg/m³|

My BME280 sensor is working fine

What could be the reason for this?

does the fan work?

my experience with wrong elect hookup. did yoi see any smoke come out? you may have fried it!

The fan works but only sometimes when it stops I have to reconnect the 5V Pin but then it runs for hours without a problem but the µg doesn’t go down.
How could the thing get fried?

the fan should start every 145 seconds, run for 45 seconds then stop.
I need the API ID and the board ID to look in the dashboard.
Is is configured with SDS011 in both the config interface and ?

Is there any way to send you this data in a private chat, because I have not found any on this website here? I do not want to publicly disclose the sensor that reveals my location data

After a few investigations, I still don’t understand what happens…
The sensor was plugged on a 500 mA USB charger for a long time. Yesterday it still gave high values with a 4A charger.
Idea someone ?
@sen : there was no USB2TTL dongle with the SDS011 when you received it ?

I’m at a point where I’m pretty sure this unit simply has a hardware defect. I will order a second unit and see if it works then.