SDS011 intermittent readings

My SDS011 sensor has been running fine until the last couple of days. It’s been giving intermittent readings. BME is giving continuous readings. I know there have been issues with Grafana showing PM data before. How do I check if it’s the website or my sensor that is the issue?

It would be interesting to have a system topology diagram showing how the data flows from the sensor.
To debug you can connect directly to the IP address and watch from there, and then pull csv files to compare.

When doing that, I´m asked for user name and password, but no success ( it keeps asking). What am I doing wrong ?

Did this issue get resolved? One of our group’s SDS011 is giving intermittent readings but all other readings are continuous. Please help.
Thank you

I managed to fix it. Not sure which bit worked but I gave the fan a quick puff of air, in case it was clogged and also updated the firmware. It’s worked fine since then.

Thank you will suggest he tries that :+1:

What update did you do please?

What about the power supply? Is it at least 2000 mA?

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I went into the firmware flasher and redid this step


Thank you for the helpful replies