SDS011 humidity corrected?


does the current fine dust sensor firmware correct the values of the SDS011 humidity?

I seem to remember that it was planned many years ago, what happened to it?
Because regularly in wet weather or when there is fog, the particulate matter values and the red card is torn apart by the people (media), because the values are not correct or exaggerated.
To take the values seriously, it would be really important that a correction of the data is built.


I don‘t think it is that important. Currently SC provides raw data that can be corrected from the archives. As soon as someone provide me a clear correction I can add it in a fork of the map. But I am waiting for 3 years… If we use physical dryers, we would need a new property in the API.
The Next PM Sensor has a built in correction for example.

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I looked up the NextPM sensor and here they say that they use physical heater.


Dutch institute for public health uses this form to compensate for humidity. Actual values depend on location!
Schermafbeelding 2022-11-21 om 20.34.13

Related paper in Dutch:

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Where is the PM value ?

I threw a passage at deepl and this is what I got:

The humidity correction thus fit gives then the factor by which the values of the sensors
should be divided, as a function of the relative humidity at Schiphol Airport.

Just found how to do this in Grafana. Let’s see if it can bring my data closer to the official PM values.

Its a correction factor, so first u calculate the factor depending on the rH and devide the measured pM by the factor

Interesting. I would have thought that the higher the humidity gets the higher also the measured by the SDS011 pm value. But here it seems the other way around

I have just been answering a reply to a previous post on this please see

It might be useful.


In fact I just missed the fact that one has to divide by the factor :wink:

If someone helps me to solve the hexbin recalculating issue when the map is zoomed a lot, I add a menu for RH correction😀

I have direct contact to TERA CTO. He told me that if the Next pm is used like in the SC firmware the correction is inactive. Only if permanent on.

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