RGB led indicator

Various displays can be connected in the software to show sensor values or other feedback.

My idea, which would also fit in this list of feedback, is an RGB LED. With this LED you can indicate whether the sensor is online or offline, and see if the sensor values are positive. Show if there are sensors waiting for something or there is an error message.

All with colors and with flashing in different sequences.

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This ?

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it’s a good idea your projetc…
could you describe in detail how to do it, it would be a nice path for school pupils to place where all students see it every day entering the classroom


Have you read the README.md of the Github ?
You just have to flash the code in an ESP8266 with platformio, plug the components and it works. Then you do exactly the same as for a SC sensor to enter the config and choose the sensors of interest.

It call APIs automatically.

It could be also programmed otherwise on a larger matrix to look like a chess board.

@Richard There is another project StofAnanas with only the LED function. It loads the online PM data from the closest sensor or one sensor you can configure.

However, I support your idea of having an RGB LED output just integrated in the airrohr firmware. This would make it possible to see the air quality from much more distance than with any display. Favorable would be with the possibility to choose the colors relating to PM.

The problem is that you need pins and there is no more available ones I can remember.
Maybe on an ESP32…

I have a Sensirion SEN54 and a firmware half done for it.
PM, RH and T are on the same pins so I should be able to get 2 free pins to implement a RGB indicator. We keep in touch. I am just waiting for the small 4x4 LED matrix from China

Hi. Wow. This might be just what I’m looking for. I have been using coloured bulbs via HomeKit and Homebridge and the HOME and EVE apps to create complicated rules about how to change the colour. It’s described on my website: Visualise multiple remote air quality sensors - Clean Air Sheffield

Early next year I have some free space to hang lights that represent the air quality from my whole city (I have 40 or so sensor.community sensors in Sheffield and can add more. This will involve buying expensive HomeKit compatible lightbulbs that will run on mains voltage electricity. It will be expensive just to do the wiring for the 40 lights.

If I could have a 5v light based on an ESP8266 + LED module it would not only be cheaper but it would make the whole thing simpler and I would have more control over how it worked and how it looks. I really like the idea of light which has everything it needs to connect to and mirror the status of a sensor without having to have a computer running + an AppleTV etc. Should make it easier to add more lights/sensors as well.

I’m looking at Platformio right now and figuring out how it works ‘just have to flash the code with platformio’ is not obvious to me - I usually use Airrohr Flasher - so if you have any tips about how to get this code on to an ESP8266 and then how to connect an LED matrix to it, that would be great. Thanks.

I have already told you about my clock, haven‘t I (See above). The code for the sensor is done but I have to build everything which will probably be longer… no courage right now.
The clock code is easier to change and scale.
You can remove the clock and just use the Matrix. It is cheap, maybee 5 € pro unit and very easy to build with only 3 cables.

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I am not sure it is flashable with the flasher. Maybe with the esptool with GUI but you have to build the bin each time. I would prefer to book a call and teach you how to use PIO. It is quite versatile when it works. Just tell me. And I‘ve got a lot of ideas for Matrix, lamps, benches…

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