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Registration and confirmation


I try to register my station uning my email: p******* but the confirmation email never came. Now my status is “Email requires confirmation.” and I\m here to ask someone to help me with this.

Thank you and Merry Christmas

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Have you checked spam folder? @Lukas could you please help?

Checked spam folder. Nothing there.

Ah, yes. Email are not working yet. Only manual activation for now…

Hi Mano,

  1. Please don’t insert any personal data or e-mail address in the forum boards. Thank you.
  2. Can you write to Tech@Sensor.Communtiy and add context what your request is about and we can help you there.
    Thank you.

E-mail to tech@ sent. I thing other people can’t register too.

Hi there.
I experience the same problem. When I try to register to | user configuration the request returns 500 Internal server error. The registration email used is left in status “awaiting confirmation email” and no email is send to it, neither into Spam, Trash or anywhere else. Tried it with two emails.

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Hello, my problem is not solved yet. Maybe they will return here after few days and fix it. Are you bulgarian ?

@Kir4o Did you register with a GMail account? Please contact Google why the are blocking (or better deleting) this mails. Over 90% of complains about missing confirmation mails are from GMail users (and mostly from Bulgaria).
And you can send a mail to tech (at) . We will manually confirm your registration. But please allow us some days for this as this is a voluntary project.

Rajko has confirmed my registration manually. Now I can login without problems. But the problem was not in my Gmail, because the server was giving me 500 Internal server error when I’m trying to register. This error was confirmed also by other users not using Gmail at this time.

@ricki-z have you checked email sending on some mail-checking services like or similar? Maybe DKIM, SPDIF or similar is not set properly?

I have created a new account with my own GMail address. And I received the confirmation mail (without any sign of classification as possible spam). So generally the registration should work.
We are getting the most complains from bulgarian users with a GMail address. So at the moment it looks like a “local” problem. Maybe there are more users with that problem, but these didn’t send us an email. So it’s hard to tell exact numbers.

Test result at

5 minutes ago I reseived the same error with different domain, not Gmail. I asked a friend to register, but the problem is the same with him. We both are from Bulgaria. Strange.


I tracked the bug!
Do not use Bulgarian language during registration as it give 500 error.
Use English instead or any other language from the list. Only Bulgarian give an error.

@ricki-z apparently there is something wrong with Bulgarian localization.

Try once again. Seems that @ricki-z has fixed the problem!

Yes, the problem with the Bulgarian translation should be solved :white_check_mark:. There may be other problems, if a confirmation mail isn’t sent. So if you don’t get this mail send an email to tech (at)