Registered sensor not visible in other portals

I registered my sensor, entered the location. When I check the map, the location is displayed correctly.
But when I check on maps.sensor.cummunity, the sensor is not visible. What am I doning wrong?

It seems like you moved the device to another location ( Are you sure that the wifi is stable enough at this place.

Question is about another sensor, but I have the issues with all sensors that I tried so far.

@Aisha_B I had a look at the registration for this chipID. This device is marked as indoor. By default our map doesn’t show indoor devices. Too many people were asking what meaning the grey hexagons with the indoor devices have.
But you can enable this again. Click the button labeled “PM2.5 (5 min. mean)” in the lower left corner, at the end of the menu you can activate “Show indoor sensors”.

Thanks, that did the trick! Was not aware of this.