Reducing page load time

I would like to optimize the page loading times of To do that I need the production version of the database.
Is there a way to get hold of the production database?

I think you mean the database structure? This would be possible.
But you mentioned in your mail to tech (at) that you would like to rewrite in Rust Actix.
But at the moment we don’t know anybody who could maintain this code beside you. So what would happen if you stop your support. We would have just another project part that can’t be maintained …

The performance problems will be solved with a change to a new version of the source code of together with a move to another server. We just need to build the translations of newly added texts.

Glad to hear that! Go go go!

True, I can’t tell for how long I would be able to maintain the code. Better be safe than sorry and not rewrite the Python Flask code into Rust Actix code I guess. Though, if you would find someone to be able to maintain Rust Actix code, don’t hesitate to contact me, I’m more that willing to do this project.
I wish you the best of days, sir!