Raspberry Pi Build still accepted?


I’m building a raspberry pi enviro+ air quality sensor with a PMS5003 Particulate Matter Sensor. Can I still register this on the Sensor Community site, or do I need to build a senor using the devices on your website?

Cheers Steve

I think there is no issue if you register the sensor the right way.
But I don’t remember how you set a Rasp Pi with the Enviro +. Rohit’s code is still available ?
Timespan between to measurements must be 145 s.

Thanks. The original build and code can be found here - https://learn.pimoroni.com/article/enviro-plus-and-lu$tdaten-air-quality-station It looks like the code is still available. Note I have replaced the letter ‘f’ in the link text with $ because for some unknown reason I am not allowed to post the luft… word.

Like you shall not read YHVH on the Pessah Seder, you shall not mention the L-word on this site! :grin:
The project name is Sensor.Community.