rain sensor, esp8266, bme280

Hello, can I also connect a rain sensor to ESP 8266? Now I have SDS011 and BME280 connected

Not with the current master version of the sensor.
There is no rain sensor in it and the database is not configured to receive such data.
We will soon put a ESP32 version of the firmware wich can be extended more easily.
What is the reference of the rain sensor ?

I’m looking forward to it :slight_smile: when will this be possible? my wife wants to hang the laundry but doesn’t know when :smiley:

But it is a electric rain sensor by contact. What is the purpose for the comnunity ?
Someone for opinions ?

This rain sensor is very bad. Prone to corrosion and very inaccurate in measuring the amount of rain. When the rain has stopped, the sensor remains wet for a while and still “detects” rain.

Thanks for the answer, what sensor would you recommend to work with soon?

I am not into rain sensing so i can’t really reccomend a rain sensor. In general the “tipping basket” type is more relaible. But there are also optical versions. Not cheap though…

dzięki, czy ktoś jeszcze ma pomysł jak to zrobić ?