Problems with BME280 Sensor

Hi everybody,

I connected all the parts as descriped in the instructions. The WiFi is connected and sends data. Also I can see the PM measurements from SDS011 online. The BME280 somehow does not deliver data.

Is there any possibilty to debug the sensor in detail? I doublechecked the wiring and replaced the wires itself, but nothing helped. I dont know if my soldering is good enough or if I created some cold solder joints. Or is the sensor broken?

The Arduino Output in Serial Monitor is in the picture. I set the DEBUG to 5 in ext_def.h and recompiled.

My Node MCU has the ID …

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Have you selected BME280 and not DHT22 in the sensor’s configuration menu?
According to your logs device tryes to read DHT22 instead of BME280…

Thank you for your quick reply!

Where can I select this? In the code there appears some json file which I can not find.
When I select “latest_de_BMX280.bin” in the flasher the output shows the following picture:


You need to locate station IP address in your local network.
It might (but not 100 percent) also be accessible using the following address:
Where ХХХХХХХ is the ID of your NodeMCU.

Also see section:

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Ok I got it. I erased the flash and started over with the config of the sensor. In the from you mentioned “sensor config” the BME280 was already selected as default. But I deactived the “auto update” function and flashed the above mentioned binary “latest_de_BMX280.bin”.
Now the sensor sends all data properly .

Thank you very much for your help!