Problem with local sensor

Hello, I have problem with local sensor witch is primary used in Home assistant and secondary sending data to Luftaten and Grafana.

Collage beacuse yours rulles: Flow from Node Red - Config SD011 - Config BME280

Hardware config - is OK and my in sensor in map sensor works well.
Problem isw Grafana . Sensor DHT22 is wrong and SDS011 - No data

Can you help me how fix showing data in Grafana?


The API for needs a slightly different payload. All values are transmitted at once and the ‘value_type’ fields need a prefix. The X-Pin header isn’t needed. So for your transmission to the message should be:

msg.headers = {  
    "X-Sensor": "exp8266-5415444"
msg.payload = {
    "software_version": "own_script",
    "sensordatavalues": [
        {"value_type": "SDS_P1", "value": parseFloat(msg.payload.pm10)},
        {"value_type": "SDS_P2", "value": parseFloat(msg.payload.pm25)},
        {"value_type": "BME280_temperature", "value": parseFloat(msg.payload.temperature)},
        {"value_type": "BME280_humidity", "value": parseFloat(msg.payload.humidity)},
        {"value_type": "BME280_pressure", "value": parseFloat(msg.payload.pressure)}
return msg;

Thank you very much @ricki-z .