Problem in visualization

Hello everybody,
i am a teacher in a italian public school and started a project to monitor air quality in our environment.
I did all the steps described in the site, everything seemed to go successfully but, when i connect the device to internet, the device doesn’t appear on you site.
Note: i can access the airrohr wifi and configure it, the chipID is: 14848758.
Could anyone help me?
Thankyou in advance

Hello Paolo, welcome to the community! Thumbs up for starting the school project :+1:

Have you registered your sensor at

Hi Paolo, did it work? Great idea to do it in the school! Is it in the Po valley?

Hello Everybody,
thank you for the replies.
Well i think i did everything ok, here i add the screenshots from the esp32 and yes, i added the sensor in but nope, nothing seems to happen.
Could anyone eventually have a focus online in order to see if we can solve?
I don’t live in the po valley, i live in dolomiti mountains (100 km norther than venice)

Please send screenshot from devices… Did you choose esp32-? Are the sensors the same ?