Problem Api sensor.comunity

Good evening everyone and from this morning that my api is not reachable but the values ​​appear on the map
I can’t even enter the device page
Are there any problems with the servers?
Thanks and best regards to all

Your first link needs an extra slash at the end of the URL:
It looks like that is working (returning recent data)

Page does not work for me either.

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This also means that does not show the geigers as it collects its data from

I can however stil get recent data.

@Deedee Are you sure? is a device management interface, not a data interface.

For me, the data interfaces are still working, i.e. still receiving data to draw the PM2.5 map for Also the link seems to work fine!

It is confirmed that today the Api are working again …

But with the php json script when I call them it takes a long time to open the page
I also created a cache but when it expires the problem returns
Maybe something wrong with my script but I’m not very practical …

There was indeed a problem. I signaled it.

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