Prebuilt Source code for nodemcu v3, sds011 and dht11 or dht22

My son built this at school but the temperature sensor never worked and he lost interest so now I am trying to get it working. It is a NODEMCU v3m, an SDS011 PM sensor and either a DHT11 or DHT22 (I have both).
I do not have the source code or even know what IDE he used. Also, when I look at the config I see that its possible to select DHT22 but not DHT11?
Anyway, is there anywhere I can download prebuilt source code for this configuration (showing what pins are used for what)?
Also what IDE to use’? LUA? I tried arduino to add the temp sensor but it kept throwing up errors
any help appreciated


you can find all informations at Sensor Community
The flashing mentioned there will install a prebuild firmware.
The source code of our firmware is available at sensors-software/airrohr-firmware at master · opendata-stuttgart/sensors-software · GitHub. We use for development.
The DHT temperature/humidity sensors are using a one wire protocol that seems to be very time critical. Thats why there is only support for the DHT22 with a fixed copy of a working Arduino library for this type.