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Possible do share data from other devices?

Hi all

Some weeks ago I found this page and found the idea great. I now built a sensor according to the guide. So let me say thank you for your effort!

Now to my question.
Indoor I have also a device which is measuring PM2.5 (MCO Z-Wave) and I was wondering if it’s possible (and desired) to share such data as well?


Hi @Marco_A,
it’s possible to send data from other sources. There are Raspi systems for example, that are sending to our database.
But we try to only collect outdoor data as the values from indoor sensors are very different from these. And normally the indoor values are significantly higher than those outdoors.

Thanks for your answer.

Are there any example or API descriptions for sending these values? Even you don’t collect indoors. But maybe in the future I will move this MCO to outside.

Higher inside than outside? Interessting. But that doesn’t fit with my experience or with my situation. Indoors, the sensor I mentioned (plus a sensor in an air purifier) rarely measure more than 5 (PM2.5). Mostly it’s 1 or 2. Outside, it is often 40-50 due to the wood stoves when it is very cold (< 0C).

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Thank you very much.

You would hve to send to the both APIs:

  • Madavi = test dashboard and a few other things
  • Sensor.Community

For Sensor.Community it is exactly described in the link.

For Madavi, just a few letters to change in the json you send (headers and virtual pins a the same):

Address =

  "software_version": "your_version", 


  "software_version":  "your_version", 
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