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PM1-sensor in Grafana-dashboard

since a week or so suddenly there is a PM1 graph added tot my grafana dashboard.
Why is this?
Because my SDS011 just reads PM2.5 and PM10-values, this new PM1 seems unusable and I’d like to get rid of it.
best regards, Louis

There are PM sensors that are sending this value (Plantower PMSx003, SPS30, …)
If you know a solution for Grafana on how to display a panel based on a variable then we can hide this panel. I haven’t found one.

If sensor=SDS011 then hide the PM1?
Grafana knows the sensor used.

There is no ‘if’ for panels.

Louis, I see that when you display the map instead of just the graphs, once you click on a sensor there (an hexagon) then it comes a sidebar with just ONE grafana graph.
I believe someone more knowledgeable than me could analyze that page and find the ‘single graph’ code, so as to create a dedicated page with exactly the graphs we want…
If you succeed in that, please do come back here to explain!!

You can also make a custom dashboard while importing the frames (PM10 and PM2.5) in your page. There is an export button for each graph.
Like @Herve5 told you, you can also get the addresses of the little graphs:<YOUR ID>