PM Source, Peak in the early morning

Hi, I’m new to this, just installed my sensor.

Can anyone explain why there is a peak of PM values in the early morning? What might be the source? I checked other sensors around, seems to be a regular phenomenon.

Soylent is producing its famous green one every early morning ?

I have seen such phenomenon at my parents home a few years ago. Could it be something with a fuel/gaz heater, which starts in the night ? I don’t know.

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And welcome on board!
Feel free to ask me for anything about archives, analysis, displays, LoRaWAN…

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Do you live near a read which has busy commuter traffic?

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It could also be due to some illegal activity, such as a facility with emitting harmful substances outside standards. This is the time with the less likelihood for them to be noticed as most people sleep. Does the air smell funny as well?

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the time series is a bit short, but combining the data from PM sensors with those of temperature and humidity, there could be a correlation between high humidity, temperature going below zero and PM sensors working outside operating conditions.

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The data is similar on sensors around some km away, so it must be a more spreaded source.
The metro is near, as is the airport. But both are not operating much in the night, at least not more than during daytime.

Could the reason be a storm/heavy wind?

And is there data available in grafana older than 24h ?

Generally, higher winds cause lower PM2.5/PM10 as there is greater mixing between low and mid levels of the atmosphere. Low wind and a thermal inversion cause higher locallised pollution.

You only have 4 days worth of data from your sensor. This is too soon to try to derive patterns in the data.

changes in wind strength and air pressure are more likely to be the cause of these changes in localised poloution

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But you will have to script. is dead

or Grafana with the board ID

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Do you need info for API, Map etc. ?

Hi, I’m not familiar with the iconography of the forum, please let me know, is this question addressed to me? Anyway yes, I do, but I’ve written today an email to the support about the API.

Where did you write?
Have you searched in the forum?
If needed, create a subject.

Yes, true. It seems too early to draw conclusions. I have no idea what’s to be considered normal, healthy, or critical. At least our stove is not contributing in a significiant way - there’s next to no correlation between when we heated it and measured PM values. That makes me happy.

What is running there? port/api/service?

That is all I’ve been looking for! 24h/td/4w/1y - perfect. Thank you for pointing that out.