PM data not on map, but T, pressure are

I have added a new sensor. Before i installed it I have tested it and all the data was seen on Grafana.
After installing, some days later, I looked on the map and I saw that the PM were zero. My other sensor is working correctly.
When today, I looked into my I was surprised. Because there I saw the PM data.
I compared the settings of both sensors (SDS011 and BME280) and they are the same.
What am I missing here?
I am a newby on this forum. I have tried the search option but did not get the right solution.
Sensor #60306 is wokrking
Sensor #82261 is showning no PM data on the map (but is showing data on


The sensor is on the map.

{"id":16581332534,"sampling_rate":null,"timestamp":"2023-08-06 11:38:58","location":{"id":71861,"latitude":"52.364","longitude":"6.58","altitude":"14.3","country":"NL","exact_location":0,"indoor":0},"sensor":{"id":82261,"pin":"1","sensor_type":{"id":14,"name":"SDS011","manufacturer":"Nova Fitness"}},"sensordatavalues":[{"id":37421138360,"value":"0.70","value_type":"P1"},{"id":37421138389,"value":"0.70","value_type":"P2"}]}

There is another sensor which has exactly the same coordinates.
The main problem are the low values. How many mA on the PSU ?

Yes, that is right. I have two sensors. The old one (#60306) is underneath the carport. The new one (#82261 with the 0) is above the carport.
The old one has an USB PSU. The new one has a solar setup (80W panel, battery 12V, 9ah and a DCDC stepdown converter to 5V(LM2596S).
I am not able to measure the mA at this moment.

ok it should be good. But could you test with a candle or a cigarette or incens?

It has been raining the last days. Tomorrow I will do an attemp with some smoke.

Putting a candle underneath the airintake gives a reading. After removing the candles the readings return to zero.

Also a picture of the inside. Is the tube bended to much?

@ricki-z COuld it be a firmware issue in a beta ? It happens very often now.

On windy and/or rainy days values of zero might be posibble. Most part of PM today is just normal dust, which may be washed away by rain.

Today I had a reading > 0. That is fine.
I will see if this happens often. Ricki-z suggetion could be right. The sensor is on a windy place…