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Please try my android app. It uses opensensemap datasource

I have published android application for notifying about PM levels:
Air Quality and Pollution: Luftdaten

It shows air quality data on the map.

So please use it, maybe it would be helpful.
I would appreciate feedback.

My another Air quality apps:

  1. Air Quality and Pollution: openSenseMap
  2. Air Quality Index: know AQI around the world


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Could you make a PWA version that could be run on IOS? That would double your reach for Users.

Good work. Hope to see a PWA version soon.

kind regards


We don’t use Luftdaten name anymore. Now it’s Sensor.Community

Indeed but it is like the corona virus it always comes back. I just realise people in France who I told 100 times to use Sensor.Community just booked a meeting I will attend next week with Luftdaten everywhere in the presentation…

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OK, will change it in next release :slight_smile:

Looks like I have a pipeline full of android projects :slight_smile:

Just wanted to try and installed it, but the app doesn’t run on lineageos.

The change to was just recently and has quite a long history. I can very much understand that people need time to realize the use of

Beside of this I think the old name was very clear and precise, while the new one sounds more like a general maker place not focussed on luftdaten. At least I didn’t see any explanation why it was changed. I would suggest to do some PR and display the reasons on the webpages until everybody has realized this. The way this is criticized is a bit arrogant. However this peace of software is named it supports the idea of this community, doesn’t it?

wow - looks like you don’t have Google play installed on your phone :confused: So any app which use Google service will not work - like Google Pay, Google Maps etc.

I did not want to sound arrogant. Sorry! We changed the name 2 years ago and officially launched the Sensor.Community global platform in Januar 2020. The explanation is: the project is no more local in Stuttgart but global. And actually Russians disliked the German name…

Sorry capturing this thread! Just a last message here.

@pjg Accepted! And thank you for your kind reply. I regulary see the forum so I am even more suprised to hear, that the name was changed in January 2020. I would suggest again to have an explanation, for example a banner, at the places where everybody goes to, including and The direct links on to are very confusing, they doesn’t make visible you will be forwarded to another webpage, at I didn’t understand it.

However, I understood the reason and very much appreciate the globalisation. And of course, an English name is much more global!

There are some google services if you install opengapps on Lineageos. For privacy reasons I prefer to use as little as possible software from google. There are other services like which uses and android can use other location providers like MozillaNLPBackend.

Beside this I am living in China where all google services are blocked anyway, so I couldn’t regulary use them. Any software using Google Maps for example doesn’t work here, if you don’t use a VPN and most Chinese people doesn’t have one - your app can’t be used by most people here. This just as some background info.

Cheers, Marcus