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Pimoroni Enviro+ support for MEMS mic noise levels


I have the Pimoroni Enviro+ running on a Pi Zero with the particle sensor. The device correctly transmits and then displays readings on the sensor community map from its various sensors.

Only the noise sensor on the device is not being received. I am wondering about making my noise sensor transmit its data. It does not seem to have documentation and does not seem to be sending data to the sensor community website.

The sensor community site reads noise levels from some other sensors. I would like to send my microphone levels as well.

Here is the github documentation for my sensor, from the manufacturer:

The Enviro+ microphone description is on the following page:

MEMS microphone

Enviro+ has a tiny MEMS microphone that lets you record audio or detect noise levels. It’s really good for monitoring levels of noise pollution, and we’ll be adding support for this to our Enviro+ Python library soon.

Thanks for any pointers.

Sensor.Community reads the values from just 1 noise sensor: the DNMS.

You can consult andcontact Helmut Bitter directly to check the compatibility of the code with the Enviro+ microphone/system.

I would like to let you know that the DNMS is a real prototype with very specil properties which were tested for a long time in some labs at the University Stuttgart.

For further reference, the microphone on the Enviro+ is a SPH0645LM4H-B.
The one on the DNMS is a InvenSense ICS-43434.