Pimoroni Enviro+ - data not being received

Hi. I’ve set up a Pimoroni Enviro+ with a Raspberry Pi zero, including the particle sensor add-on (PMS5003).

Pimoroni have sample scripts, and back when things were under the Luftdaten name, I used their luftdaten.py script which successfully sent the readings to the Luftdaten site and showed the sensor on the map.

I set it up again recently following the same instructions. It successfully displays the sensor readings when I run the script in a terminal, but it seems like sensor.community isn’t receiving anything. I changed the api address too, but that didn’t help. The Pi is definitely connected to the internet, I can ping out from it no problem. There are no error messages.

Did anything other than the api address change when it went from luftdaten to sensor.community? Has anyone else got the same set-up working?

Thanks for any guidance!

Could you please post the response output?
And it would be nice to have the “chipID” of your system so that I can check the database entry. Please send this ID to rajko (at) sensor.community.

@vgnmnky hope all is well. Just wanted to see if you were able to resolve this? I’m encountering the same issue, I had a sensor that used to connect successfully to the old domain but now data does not send to sensor.community.

Please check the api address and the formating of the json which has to be sent. Send the ID to Tech@sensor.community.

In the mentioned script you only need to replace “api.luftdaten.info” with “api.sensor.community”.
2 years after renaming the project others had enough time to adapt scripts like this one.

If the github maintainer of Pimoroni is accepting my pull request then there should be an updated version in the next few days.

Hi @maucyr.

In the end (and if I remember correctly) someone at the sensor.community team deleted my original entry on their system. I think there was a conflict between an old installation and the newer one. After that it worked fine!