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I would like to use a picture from the NodeMCU SDS011 guide in a scientific publication. I found the link Photos License at the bottom of the website. Does this license refer to all photos on the website?


Hello @Acefall,
the pictures in the airRohr guide (those with the SDS011) are all CC0.
But just to be sure, could you please post the URL of the picture here?

This is the link to the picture:
From this guide: Sensor Community

Does a screenshot of the map on the startpage fall under the same license?

A screenshot is more like a photo of a (possibly) copyrighted work. In the case of our map: we are an open data, open source commuity project that tries to spread the idea of open knowledge.
You can use screenshots of the map, our homepage or any other of our tools. We only ask to mention Sensor.Community as the source of these.