Past data for specific sites

Hi, i am new to the site and I am doing a dissertation on air quality. I am trying to find historical data for certain sites but can only find past 24 hours on maps. I have looked for a guide and at the archive which i do not understand at all. Can anyone help? Many thanks

Have you searched oon the forum. It is what it is made for… :slight_smile:

You can get measurement for a particular sensor or monthly archives etc.
If you are new don’t try to use the parquet…

Are you used to open csv with Excel or OpenOffice?

Only P0, P1 and P2 are relevant

P0 = PM1
P1 = PM10
P2 = PM2.5

Search on the ftp pages by sensor name: SDS011, BME280 etc.

For batch download and analyse you would need someone who can code in python or in .R. It is quite complicated to explain here if you have no experience…

Hints: csvgrep, regex etc.

And this but you have to adapt for the new URL:

Hi :slight_smile: I have searched the forum and tried using the archive. I am trying to find data from 5-10 years ago, but it is only going back as far as 2021 for me. Also I am confused as to where I can find the specific sensor I need.

Many thanks

The archive starts on the 1st of October 2015 but just with 7 ppd42ns sensors. From Spring 2017 the amount of sensors grew faster with SDS011.