Only fine dust values are transmitted, not temperature, humidity and pressure.

I assembled and registered my first Sensor. Community sensor yesterday. I use the SDS011 sensor for fine dust and the BME280 for air pressure, temperature and humidity.

However, when registering I only specified the SDS011 sensor type and not also the BME280 and so far only the transmission of the fine dust measurement data is working.
Is it possible to register the sensor again or to add the BME280 to my already registered sensor?

@Marv could you please send me the chipID as a direct message? I will add the BME280 as the second component to the device registration.

Thank you very much. The sensor ID is: esp8266-9532481.
After I recalibrated the sensor and flashed the firmware latest_en_BMx280.bin instead of latest.bin, the data transfer of the sensor BME280 with the data temperature, humidity and air pressure now also worked. The test of the data in Grafana now works perfectly and the data transfer to the openSenseMap also works. The sensor with all its data is displayed on the map.
Unfortunately, I cannot find the sensor on the Sensor.Community Map. It is not displayed there. What can I do?

I’ve added the BME280 to your sensor registration. Coud you please check if the data is now displayed?

Thank you so much for adding the BME280 to my registration, but unfortunately there is no sensor displayed on the map :frowning:

Now its working and everything looks fine! Thank you! :smiley:

@monika I’ve added the BME280 to your device registration.

Thank you, @ricki-z! Now everything is working. :slight_smile: