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On an existing sensor, how to add a new component?

The initial configration has been the esp node and 2 components a PM sensor an a temperatur humidity sensor.

Now I got the BME 280 (what includes the pressure), harware has been changed and wired, but how can I register this new component.

I was my thought doing that on the chapter “add a new sensre” but the result ist negativ (verify picture headline).

I am sure, members here, easyly can help.
Thank you.

If you replaced the DHT22 with the BME280 then you can click on “Settings” behind the sensor entry in the list of your devices. There you can change the DHT22 to the BME280.
If both are connected then you should send me a mail to tech (at) and I will add the BME280. One of the next updates for will be this function, but we still have to test it.

Apreciate your advise. However a few questions.

Due to my ridiculous.soldering abilities, I not got the BME280 working. Switched back on the DHT22.
Any idea if BME180 ready soldered available ?

Does it make sense to run BME280 and DHT simultaneously ? and if yes, why ? Both do have temperature / humidity readings, isn´t there a conflict ? How do the graphs lock like ?