Noise sensor bill of material?

Hi all,

I ordered & received the PCB’s to build the Noise sensor but is there a detailed bill of material available for the smaller components on Airrohr v1.4 and DNMS t4?

The shopping list as described in the guide is very high level so a detailed bill is very much appreciated.

Thanks and the very best for 2021!


For AirRohr its quite clear: NodeMCU v3, some PM sensor (typically SDS011, or more advanced if needed), BME280, USB cable, power adapter and some wires to connect everything.
The case is just two 90 degrees sewer tubes.

With DNMS it is more difficult. The electrical part is not hard, but assembling the case is more difficult.

I advise you to look at the photos and identify all the used components. Also if you can add all the small
components to the manual.

Denis, thanks but I zoomed in for up to 200% to identify the various components but I don’t want to assume components. The one thing I haven’t checked with is the Noise@Sensor.Community email.


Here is the BOM in the author’s github.