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NodeMCU no longer connects to wifi

After disabling the DHCP server on my wifi router, and enabling separate DHCP server (in Pi-Hole) NodeMCU will no longer connect to wifi/and or obtain IP address. All other clients are working fine (PC, laptop, mobile phones) except NodeMCU.

Any ideas how to debug this?

When rebooted, I can log in to sensor which - it starts in IP mode. I can see my wifi networks, but it will not connect… Thanks!

Hey! Welcome to Sensor Community!

Could I suggest you re-flash the firmware to your NodeMCU?

Alternatively, take your device out of your Wifi network’s reach (or just turn off your wifi), make it connect to another wifi network (e.g. your phone’s hotspot) and then try connecting to your home wifi again.

I think either of these approaches will get you back on track. Let me know if that works!

When something works don’t repair it…

You don’t have to reflash or go out of your home. The Sensor works as it should. It is your DHCP config which blocks the connections.

Can you read the logs of the sensor ?

I know, I hate to touch anything that works fine, but in this specific case I had to. My home (Huawei) wifi router does not allow me to change the DNS1/2 entries that are being served to DHCP clients, so I had to change the DHCP server so I can push my own DNS.

Anyway, this thing started working on its own. It seems that after reboot, it takes a few minutes before it will get an IP address. Thanks guys.

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You can try then assigning a static ip to the device.