NodeMCU does not create a wifi network

When I boot my NodeMCU sensor, with all my WiFi networks disabled, it does not create it’s own WiFi network that allows me to change the settings.

In the log, it spends a long time (minutes) at the “Starting Webserver... (IP unset)” stage, and then displays “WiFi connected, IP is: (IP unset)”.

When I then look for the WiFi network it should have created (because the WiFi network it used to try to connect to is completely disabled), it hasn’t created its own WiFi network.

Any ideas as to how to solve this?

The log is

failed to open config file.
output debug text to displays…
Connecting to Freifunk-disabled

output debug text to displays…
Starting WiFiManager
AP ID: airRohr-12623506
scan for wifi networks…
AP Password is:
Starting Webserver… (IP unset)
Connecting to Freifunk-disabled
---- Result Webconfig ----
WLANSSID: Freifunk-disabled
PPD: 0
SDS: 1
PMS: 0
HPM: 0
SPS30: 0
DHT: 1
DS18B20: 0
HTU21D: 0
BMP: 0
SensorCommunity: 1
Madavi: 1
CSV: 0
Autoupdate: 1
Display: 0
LCD 1602: 0
Debug: 3

WiFi connected, IP is: (IP unset)
Starting Webserver… (IP unset)
ChipId: 12623506
MAC Id: ecfabcc09e92
Read SDS…:
Stopping SDS011…
Read DHT…
Send to :
Auto-Update active…`

There is a line ‘Starting WiFiManager’, followed by the ID and the password. How long does the debug output stops there? There is a configurable timeout, the default is 600 seconds. After that timeout the config mode will stop and the firmware continues with the the values set before or the default values. So if the timeout for the config mode was changed then this mode may stop to fast to configure anything.

In that case, erase everything with the flasher and flash again.

The log is after erasing and flashing again with the 3.2 flasher.
There is an approx 1 second pause around the ‘Starting WiFiManager’ line.
There is a long (minutes) pause at the Starting Webserver… (IP unset) line.

@JangleGumps So it’s like described. The config mode is configured to run only a second (or none …). Directly after that the device tries to connect to the default wifi network, won’t get a connection and with that no ip address (‘ip not set’).
The newer Flashing Tool versions should have a function to erase the locally saved config file. With that the configuration will be reset and you can start over.

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