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No data on Grafana

Hi there. Newbie here. My sensor has been running for a week with data output to the map and to Grafana. Today, no data is being shown on Grafana but it is still showing on the map. I’ve checked a few times this evening. Does anyone know why?

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Can I have the ID on the map ? Or the geocoordinates (look in the URL adress when you have zoomed on your sensor) if there is no other sensor around.

Have you changed something here ?

Capture d’écran 2021-02-17 à 08.29.13

Both the checkboxes should be checked.

I think it’s a grafana issue because i have the same since yesterday

here my sensor Grafana and no data anymore

if i choose other sensor in the list, same issue

Same here for both sensors. Everything is looking good on but stopped updating yesterday.

You are right @ricki-z should be doing something in Grafana…

So @ricki-z
“Granafa (or better the receiving of data at should be up again.
There was an PHP update that disabled the curl module.”

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It’s back for me :slight_smile: thx for the info @pjg

Sorry for the Grafana outage. There was an PHP update that disabled a function needed by the scripts. I have restored the old versions and the data should be shown again.


Thanks for resolving. :slight_smile: