No data being reported from unit


I recently completed a build of the sensor unity from The Curious Electric Co that uses the SDS011 and BME280 sensors. The build went flawlessly. I was able to connect to the “airRohr-XXXXXX” wifi network and configure it per the instructions including with the password to my home WiFi network. I restarted it, connected back to my wifi, and observed that the “airRohr-XXXXXX” wifi was no longer advertising itself, so I assume it was able to connect to my home WiFi. I then registered my sensor at the page using the same XXXXXX ID and selecting the proper sensors, height, distance from road, lat, and long, etc. However, it has been about four hours since I did this and no data is showing up for my sensor.

Is there a troubleshooting guide? How do I go about trying to figure out what is wrong. Is there a way to connect to the sensor from my internal WiFi? Do I need to hook up a serial cable to the ESP8266 to see console messages?

Thank you for your help in advance

P. Todd Decker

You can find a troubleshooting guide at the end of the assembly guide.


Hope this helps. If not, please write what are your findings.

Most of the time this issue is trivial (believe my experience !) : triple check the sensor number and the geocoordinates. Did you really save after configuring?
I am quite sure that your sensor is connected to your wifi network but not registred.
Use this URL: Grafana
In the worst case plug the sensor on your computer and open the Arduino serial Monitor to read the logs.