New in depth research report on low cost PM sensors

Here it is:

didn’t have the time to do a deep dive, but might be of interest!

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Interesting article.
Another comparative study carried out by professionals from the Finnish Meteorological Institute, Helsinki (Finland) and the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Barcelona (Spain):

Before installing my station, I was comparing PM-2.5 measurements of the Nova SDS011 with a Xiaomi Mijia indoor air quality meter( ) that I think has good measurements because I compared it right next to an official station and there was very little difference. I am observing that the SDS011 gives lower values than Xiaomi:

3.5 / 7
2.8 / 6
6.5 / 13.3
5.4 / 7

-Measures abroad compared to 2 official stations located at 3 km (sS) and another at 4 km (sF)
SDS011 / xiaomi / sS / sF
4.5 / 6/15/14
Of course, they are values that are within the precision range indicated by the manufacturer (+/- 10ng).

Currently, I continue to observe that it gives lower measurements than Xiaomi and the 2 official stations, but it should be noted that these 2 are in an urban area and my meter is a more isolated place surrounded by countryside (Sensor #56698)
Regards from Asturias(Spain)

Some questions:

  • What kind of housing was used? (results may vary even between calibrated sensors related to the position in a housing)
  • Were the SDS011 running all the time over 401 days (this would have been outside the specs)