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Nettigo SDS011/SHT31 easiness to reset, for changing wifi?

I intend to get the SDS011/SHT31 sensor from Nettigo (i.e. the NEW* one, as the other is no more available), but I’ll have to reset its wifi connection in a couple of months when moving to another location with another wifi.

I thought switching the sensor off and on would be enough for it to redeploy its own wifi spot when not finding the expected network, but in the post here I find one may have to push a specific ‘reset button’ somewhere.

Knowing that I am quite the beginner, do I understand correctly that (1) the procedure I describe above is correct and (2) this reset button is the one labelled ‘RST’ at the bottom right on this picture?

Thank you, and sorry for this quite trivial question!

(*) I’d link to its url but as a newcomer I’m only allowed two links per post. Adding it in next comment

(SDS011/SHT31 sensor from Nettigo is this, lacking the pressure sensor compared to the previous kit, but… available :woozy_face:)

@Herve5 If the wifi network has other credentials on the new place then the device can’t connect to this and would start over with the config mode (starting a hotspot like the first time). You can then follow the setup instructions again.

Please remember that the hotspot is available for 10 minutes. After that time you will need to restart again.


Thank you @ricki-z !
So, no need for the reset button.
As the hotspot only lasts 10mn, do you know after how many minutes it actually starts, when the ‘old’ network is not there?
Thank you again!

@Herve5 You need to follow the setup instruction again from here:
Without configuring the new wifi settings the sensor won’t connect to your new network and won’t send any data.
The hotspot should start after a minute. There are 10 or 20 seconds at startup where the sensor tries to connect. Directly after that the hotspot should be opened.

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Perfect, thank you @ricki-z !

I just come back here to announce I ordered a kit, received it and it works perfectly for now!