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Need Help with Thingsboard Integration

Hello everyone,
i am using Thingsboard for all my IoT Devices and would like to integrate my AirRohr Sensor into Thingsboard as well.

I want to use the “Send to own API” function of the firmware to send the Data to Thingsboard but have not be successful.

What I have done so far:
I can send data to my Thingsboard with the following example curl command:

curl -v -X POST --data "{"temperature":42,"humidity":73}" --header "Content-Type:application/json"

Consequently I have set up my AirRohr with the following config:
My Config

(The URL and the Access Token are just placeholders of course.)

However, no data arrives at my Thingsboard instance, and I cannot find any errors in the AirRohr or Thingsboard logs.

Can you guys help me out?

API are not my cup of tea but:
Can you find the name of the php file at the end of the path ?It is like that in the example:

Capture d’écran 2021-12-09 à 18.01.03


It is not what the firmware sends I think. How does the decoder looks like in thingsboard ?

The doc:

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Hi pjg,
thank you for the help.

I got it working by adapting the php file that you mentioned.

Consequently, it ist no possbile to make the Sensor firmware communicate directly with thingsboard. It is only possbile by using a middleware in between.

It would however be a helpful feature for the future.

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