Need help to connect´/setup a pi zero w to

Hi, bought the enviro urban PICO W aboard and i am very frustrated, because i don´t find an option/solution to connect/register him to Installed V1.19.10 from the pimoroni site . Wifi connection is working. Can´t find a setup @first run with browser to connect him to Luftdaten. Also can´t found a serial number to register.Luftdaten connection is very important to me and my friends because we use 40 sensors with node mcu and want to switch to Pimeroni (less soldering) and see ALL sensors at the Luftdaten map. Thank you so much for support !
link to the features :Enviro Urban (Pico W Aboard),... kaufen bei BerryBase

A few things:
“Luftdaten” does not exist anymore (since january 2020). Please refer to Sensor.Community only.

Hi, bought the enviro urban PICO W aboard and i am very frustrated, because i don´t find an option/solution to connect/register him to

This board is not supported by our firmware. We offer a free and simple solution which actually does not require any soldering. Maybe you should ask pimoroni…

You will probably have to write a new firmware. The data transmission is described here:

Or you can send me a board and I will try to do something…

Please send me a link to the firmware you tried to install.

It is waht you need to send data to SC

Thanks for the quick response. is still the same for me. We have registred all our 40 sensors@sensor community of course :wink:

No soldering needed thats true.But i don´t like the jumper cables so we use jst-h sockets.Set up is the Noise sensor, i ordered the Pimeroni to compare with our ncu setup and the dmns board. Pimeroni has already a mike,BME280 and dust sensor on board.
link to firmware Pimoroni Firmware
Signed up @ pomoroni discord server for support, no answer yet.
Thank you!

The firmware is supposed to work more or less directly with SC?
I will check this evening

I don’t know if it is possible to adapt the DNMS on this board. It is much more complicated than the PM Sensor and the BME…

Maybe a solution to configure it with the setup at the webbrowser

but i still have not a serial number to register @ sensor community…

It is this but you will have to write the http endpoint the right way. We will need to have a call. I cant explain so easily. DM me. Today evening ? my current time is CET (15:23)

You will have to set up something like this in the HTTP endpoint

What sensor is it on the board? PM5003 ?

I2C Dust Sensor

saw a srcipt voor raspberry pie now i understand it a little bit.I thought i have simply top register it @ but geo coordinates and sensor sent with the script to the server right ?
Latitude: 51.08752170000 logitude: 5.88589730000 Thought that pimoroni had written a script like ncu. But iam wrong :frowning: German description from the Berrybase page says : "Enviro Urban (Pico W Aboard), Accumulate data in a database (we like InfluxDB) to campaign for cleaner air in your area, or use the wireless capabilities of the Raspberry Pi Pico W to contribute to citizen science projects like

Have you read how to register a Sensor on ? Where did you find that the geocoordinates have to be sent ?
Please book a call with me. It is the only solution.

Hallo @Toshibaer we have 2023 and there is only Sensor.Community. was our local German project from 2016-2018

Now in the 5th year of the global open envirnomental data platform Sensor.Community you should only refer to Sensor.Community.

Especially if you have questions here at Forum.Sensor.Community.

We have a step by step guide in 24 languages and a recommended setup.

We do not use any Enviro Urban or Raspberry pi or if you are confuse about any descriptions on other sites like you mention Berrybase then ask them.

Sensor.Community is not other websites in the internet.

Can someone help me to test this:

As I told to @Toshibaer:
Always ask us before buying exotic stuffs which are not described in our homepage. As we are a community project, we always answer at once not like the commercial websites…

I tried to modify the original code of the Enviro Urban to make it send http POST request the right way for SC.

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I only wanted to share my problem at this forum and find a solution.Saw different posts about raspi and send data from a raspi device to Thought this is the right forum for my problem.So i bought a raspberry 0 setup to learn about this device.I saw it as a challenge.Sorry for this, would´n´t throw it in the bin.I build more than 20 sensors with the node mcu ( 3 with dmns) and they are working perfect.


  1. Can we agree that it would be nice to call us by our name Sensor.Community?

  2. Can we agree that Sensor.Community step-by-step guide refers only to the MCU8266 with the SDS011 and BME280.

  3. Can you share your expectation towards us when you are expressing here in the Forum.Sensor.Community your ‘frustration’ that you can not connect/register a PICO W board which we do not refer to?

  1. of course i agree to call you Sensor.Community
  2. I agree that the standard setup with node mcu ist the best, never had doubt about that, because we have 40 working units with node MCU in Maastricht area.I build 20 of them,3 with dnms.
    3.Sorry for miscomunication. Never ment that the not working pi setup from Pimoroni is a problem that has to solve. Only asked for help because bad support from Pimoroni.I got help and thanks for that. Sorry again. ( Und jetzt ist auch mal gut :wink: )